How Turmeric Helped Cure My Prostate Cancer and Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric helped save my life. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. As you can imagine being told you have cancer is not a pleasant experience. Fortunately I had just started a 10 week secondment in a remote area of Western Australia when my doctor gave me the news over the phone.

When I say that was fortunate, I mean it gave me and my partner Joy the chance to do lots of research before deciding a course of action. Poor Joy had to experience being on her own for 10 weeks after I told her of the diagnosis during the first week I was away. Not something you want to hear from your partner when you wont see them for 10 weeks.

But as I say it gave us both the chance to think about it without making a knee jerk reaction to the news and heading for surgery or chemotherapy or radiation straight away. Which is what my doctor was hinting at.

Having your prostate removed can cause all kinds of complications to your nerves around your waterworks and that is not something I wanted to experience.


The research we did brought me to the conclusion that there were better and more natural ways to deal with the situation rather than the conventional way. And they involved no invasive surgery, chemicals or hospitalization.

Joy had heard about a guy named Don Tolman and he was coming to the Gold Coast for a seminar shortly after I was due to get back.

Don is known as the Whole Food Cowboy and his knowledge and insights on the human body blew me away. I learned so much in a very short time from Don.

As a result I changed my diet, did even more exercise, lots of water, sunshine, fresh air and meditation.

Don gave me what I like to call the secret weapon to cure prostate cancer. I would like to share it with you.


Every morning for 90 days have a bowl of oats (porridge) with flaxseeds and a lemon squeezed into it. One teaspoon of wheatgerm oil and then add hot water. I also added a banana to mine. Then eat broccoli for lunch (raw or lightly steamed and pour it with Coconut Oil or Extra virgin Olive Oil. As for drinking my favourite smoothie is banana, blueberries, almond milk and Turmeric. Then morning and night I have what is known as Cabala Juice. That is freshly squeezed carrot x 3, apples x 3 1 x beetroot, 1 by lemon with the skin on if organic and snack on Brazil nuts throughout the day.

They are the main ingredients. You can also have as much fruit and vegetables as you like on top of that, but cut out sugar and any processed foods and dairy apart from organic butter. Thick heavy wholemeal or multi grain bread is also OK.

So that’s what I ate for 90 days. In fact that’s what I still eat and drink most days now. And I often fast either intermittently or for 3 to 7 days.

And the great news is I am cancer free. 100 percent healthy and never felt better.

So I can safely say with my experience the above eating protocol worked wonders for me. Turmeric was a huge part of that so lets find out more about it.

Many experts are calling Turmeric a superfood – well truth is any fruit or vegetable is a super food, even your average apple is a super food… so don’t get carried away when you hear about the latest fad superfood.

Fruit and vegetables are all superfoods!

Firstly, what is Turmeric? It is a herbaceous perennial plant that is actually part of the ginger family…

and its roots look identical to the ginger root except for its bright orange color of turmeric.

Turmeric is also known as Kurkuma and very similar to another plant from India called Boswellia.


Here are a few –

Has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and it will help with arthritis
it has antioxidant properties to fight free radicals
Anti tumor properties to fight cancerous cells and hinder their growth.
It is a great and natural teeth whitener
Can be used as a face mask to clear up sun spots, scars, acne etc

So don’t just take my word for it go out and try some and use it yourself… it helped to heal Prostate Cancer for me. The health benefits for Turmeric are astounding.

Maximize Your Health Benefits by Eating Fresh Fruit Daily

Fruits are basically known for the positive effects associated with its daily intake. With informed decision, it becomes easier to choose the right kinds of fruits. You can plan a healthy nutrition diet, if you are aware of the fruits that are beneficial for you. Most of us are aware of the fact that oranges are good source of Vitamin C. However, how many of us know that it is a good source of calcium and iron as well? There are a number of aspects which we are not aware of, and thus, do not know about the ways they can benefit our systems. Let’s take up some of the fruits and develop a better idea about their positive effects on our health.

• We all know, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. What exactly is the role of an apple? It helps in the reduction of levels of cholesterol, detoxifies, offers fiber, strengthens bones, cleans teeth, prevents heart disease and stroke, helps in weight loss management and fights asthma. Now that you are aware of the health benefits of apple, make sure you are incorporating an apple as part of one of your meals in a day.

• Bananas are also high in nutritional content. It is a rich source of vitamin B6 which offers energy to the body. The magnesium and potassium contained in bananas help in maintenance of the normal blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes. The high fiber content prevents dehydration and kills the harmful bacteria. It helps you gain a strong immune system.

• Watermelon is a favorite fruit of many, particularly during the summer months. It is rich in antioxidants that defuse the free radicals contained in our body. Watermelon is very effective for fighting against heart disease, cancer, loss of vision, infection and asthma. The essential vitamins like C, B A helps in lowering the levels of pressure. It is a very good source of energy that helps in carrying out the regular exercising patterns for weight loss.

• Grapes are also rich in health benefits. It prevents building up of cholesterol in our arteries. The anti-aging properties as well as the fat burning capacities help in weight loss program. Some of the other associated benefits include reducing the risks of infection, fatigue, migraines, eye disease, heart attack and asthma.

Now that you are aware of the health benefits associated with the individual fruits, make sure you are incorporating them in the daily diet plan and replacing the unhealthy options like sweets and chocolates.

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The Curative Properties and Health Benefits of Banana

Bananas have a special place in diets low in fats, cholesterol and salt. In the mythological ages in Europe, a banana was called the apple of paradise. In the traditional medicine in India and the ancient Persia this golden fruit is regarded as nature’s secret of perpetual youth. To this day, banana is known for promoting healthy digestion and creating a feeling of youthfulness. Banana is one of the oldest and best known fruits of the world. It is delicious and available in all seasons.

Banana is of great nutritional value. It constitutes almost a complete balanced diet in combination with milk. It is a good source of quick energy and an excellent means of recovery from fatigue.

Hypertension and Heart Problem: Potassium salt, like beta blockers, can reduce the risk of hypertension and therefore heart problems. Banana, being a rich source of potassium and low in sodium is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

Certain compounds in banana behave like angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. ACE is responsible for rise in blood pressure. ACE inhibiting property has been found in six varieties of banana.

Obesity: A diet of half banana and skimmed milk during breakfast is considered as an effective remedy for weight reduction.

Intestinal Disorder: Banana is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders. As chronic ulcer patients need to avoid any acidic fruit it is the only fruit they can consume without distress. It neutralizes the hyperacidity of the gastric juice and reduce the irritation of the ulcer. Ripe banana is highly beneficial in the treatment of ulcerative colitis as it is bland, easily digestible and slightly laxative. It relieves the acute symptoms and promotes the healing process.

Constipation and Diarrhea: Banana helps in both constipation and diarrhea as it balances the colonic functions in the large intestine. It absorbs large amount of water, which helps in proper bowel movement.

Dysentery: Mashed banana with little salt is a valuable remedy for dysentery. According to traditional naturopathy a combination of ripe banana, tamarind and common salt is most effective in this disease.

Anaemia: Being high in iron content, banana is beneficial in the treatment of anaemia. It stimulates the production of haemoglobin in blood.

Allergies: The fruit is very useful for those who are allergic to certain foods and thus suffer from skin rashes, digestive disorder or asthma. Banana contains compounds which in most cases are not allergic. The fruit, however, does cause allergic reactions in certain sensitive individuals and they should avoid it.

Tuberculosis: Bananas are considered useful in the treatment of tuberculosis. The juice of the plantain or the ordinary cooked banana works miracle in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Urinary Disorder: Juice from banana stem is a well known remedy for urinary disorders. It helps to improve kidney and liver functions. It has been found that it is of great help in the treatment for the removal of kidney and gall bladder stones.

Menstrual Disorder: Cooked banana flower eaten with curd is considered an effective medicine for painful menstruation and excessive bleeding. Banana flower increases the concentration of progesterone hormone which reduces the bleeding.

Other uses: Ripe banana is chiefly eaten in a dessert or as a breakfast fruit. Unripe fruits can be cooked. Banana chips made from fully mature unripe banana are tasty and healthy. The flour prepared from the dried unripe banana is three times richer in minerals than the wheat flour. It is also easily digestible than cereal starches and is an ideal food for the infants and patients. Banana is also helpful in arthritis.

Precautions: Banana must be thoroughly ripe otherwise it is difficult to digest. The raw banana contains 20 to 25 per cent starch. But during the process of ripening this starch is fully converted to a sugar which is easily assimilated.

The fruit should not be consumed by those suffering from renal failure because of its high potassium content.

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Use Your Home Smoothie Maker To Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Banana Smoothies

Smoothies are big business. There are now many brands available on the shelves of supermarkets and health food stores. They are quite expensive and many people do not realise how easy they are to make at home in a smoothie maker. In fact, you can make smoothies at home so easily and so quickly, I wonder why anyone would go to the expense of buying them in store.

It seems that the biggest consumers of these store-bought smoothies are health-conscious under 35s. If only they realized that home-made smoothies are even better for them, they would all be rushing out to buy a smoothie maker! Home-made smoothies contain only the fresh ingredients you put into them, no preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners. Store-bought smoothies are often heat-treated too, this lengthens the shelf-life but many people believe that nutritional value is lost in the process.

If you are new to home smoothie-making, bananas are one of the easiest fruits to get started with. Bananas have many health benefits and taste delicious, either on their own as a single fruit smoothie combined with probiotic yogurt or, as a mixed fruit smoothie combined with fruits such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.

Bananas are one of the best sources of the vitamin which is so important for the health of our immune systems. This is vitamin B6 and is often also called the “feel-good” vitamin because it is vital in the conversion of Tryptophan to Seratonin which has a natural soothing and calming action.

Bananas are rich in the fiber that is essential if our digestive systems are to function effectively. Adequate fiber in our diets helps us to avoid minor problems such as constipation and haemorrhoids which are nonetheless very uncomfortable. More importantly though eating a diet with the correct intake of fiber helps us to avoid more serious problems in the long-term. These problems include cancers of the bowel and colon.

Bananas are also a rich source of minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Both these minerals are vital in reducing the risk of Osteoporosis. Potassium helps prevent excess calcium being excreted in urine and the calcium needed for healthy bones, needs to be in balance with magnesium if it is to be absorbed efficiently. Low Potassium levels have also been linked with an increased risk of high blood pressure and the problems that this brings.

Now that you know how easy it is to make the freshest, most delicious, healthy smoothies at home in a smoothie maker, why not get started today? Fruits and vegetables combined in smoothies are blended smooth so that they are easy for our bodies to digest and absorb. So, rather than buying ready-made smoothies, save yourself some money and start getting the health benefits of making smoothies at home.

Author Alison Graham has written many articles on health and nutrition. If you would like to find out more about the health benefits of smoothies, you can read her articles on Hubpages -for example, this one on the Top Ten Smoothie Ingredients to boost your immune system. She also has a website, Best Buy Smoothie where you will find lots of information about choosing and using a smoothie maker and reviews of her favourite models together with tips for making delicious smoothies.